Friday, 10 November 2017

R+P Post 33: Reflections on my role and contribution during Research and Planning

R+P Post 32: Test shoot and rough edit

Our rough cut from our test shoot:

This rough cut was made from our test shoot footage and was therefore very helpful is judging whether our ideas worked well and how we could the adapt them to improve the overall flow and look of the music video.

Overall, the test shoot was a huge learning curve for us as this was the first time we were given full access to the equipment within the studio. This meant is was very useful to us as we wanted to be as prepared as possible when it came to filming our main shoot. The main thing we wanted to experiment with during this shoot was the lighting desk as we had some rather complex ideas that we needed to see. These included 'flicker' effects, strobe lighting and a screen with shadows.

Our blue lighting set-up
However, the lighting set-up we were most impressed with was the dark blue silhouette lighting for the dancers. We thought this looked really professional and cool and definitely fitted the look we were going for; it worked really well when Meera went through her routine and in turn influenced us to have Sian now have a routine with the lighting.

R+P Post 31: My call sheet

To help make sure that all of our actors and crew turned up on time, we created call sheets; these were given out to all the crew and all of our actors. Each sheet shows clearly at what time each actor needs to be on set and all the health&safety details they require, such as fire exits and a risk assessment.
Call Sheet for the Monday shoot (in school/studio)

Sunday, 29 October 2017

R+P Post 30: My Shootboard

To ensure that each of our shoot days ran smoothly and efficiently we made shoot boards. These contained details, such as the shot description, shot number, time available for the shot and the cast/crew required for the shot.

Below is a sample of one of our shoot boards:

Saturday Shoot board page 1 
Saturday Shoot board page 2
Saturday Shoot board page 3
The shoot boards also contain visuals from the storyboard which help bring to life our intended shots, thus making it easier on the day to envisage what we want from each shot. Moreover, as they came directly from our storyboard, each picture to the key, i.e. orange note is a close-up, whereas a green background is a long shot. This is very helpful when positioning the actors and framing the shots.

In the set-up column we have also left a good amount of room for us to note down which we thought was the best take so when editing we could located the shots we wanted more efficiently.

R+P Post 29: Rehearsals

To help prepare for our shoot weeks we made a schedule for rehearsals so when it came to filming we could use our allocated time as efficiently as possible, this table can be seen below:

Rehearsal schedule
As this song relies heavily on the emotion of the main singer, we thought it would be best to have a screen test to see how comfortable I was on camera and then to point out any negatives which we could then reflect on and work on. Our screen test can be seen below:

From this screen test we identified that my lip sync was not very authentic so we brought in one of our friends, Tyra, who is a drama student to help work on my annunciations and thus make my performance more believable.

As the majority of our male dancers did not have much dancing background, regular rehearsals with them were essential. In these sessions we worked on routines choreographed by Sian and Meera (who are dancers). 
One of our dance rehearsals, lead by Sian (right)

R+P Post 28: My kit list

For our shoots we will have two different kits, on for the studio shots and one for all of our location shots.

Libec TH-650HD Tripod

  • Libec TH-650HD Tripod
  • Canon Legria HFG30 Camera
  • Canon DM-100 Microphone
  • Headphones
  • Three Point Lighting Kit
  • 64 GB SD card
  • Two batteries
  • Clapperboard
  • Whiteboard Pen + Wipe
Canon Legaria HD Camera

  • Canon 5D MK 11 Camera
  • 650 ARRI Turret Lights
  • ARRI Studio lights
  • Projector
  • Cyclorama
  • Monitor
  • Dolly
  • Shoulder support rig for the hand held shots
  • Lighting and sound desk
During our test shoot we were briefed on all of the studio equipment, i.e. health and safety checks and how to use the equipment and then pack it all away. In the studio, the equipment is of a very high standard so we will be able to get some very professional looking shots.

R+P Post 27: Casting

When casting for our music video we made decision based on how reliable as an actor they were, how authentic they would be within the role and any previous experience with being on camera/performance training. The main roles we had to decide upon were AJ (main lead), the girlfriend who cheats on AJ, the guy who the girlfriend cheats with and all dance performers.

A table summarising who we cast for each role and why they were chosen can be seen below:

Casting table